Gender: male
Ethnic Origin: Scottish
Religious Affiliation: none
Personality: very likable with a great sense of humor

Physical Description:
Size: third tallest of the boys
Shape: lean and well proportioned
Hair: red, curly, unruly hair
Facial Features: handsome face with sparkly blue eyes
Body Language: laid back, go-with the flow
Grooming and Dress: neat and clean, wears very hip T-shirts and jeans
General Physical Coordination: smooth, cool movements, and a good dancer, but not an athlete

Jason McGregor is in the band two reasons. First, he is a "chick magnet." Second, he owns an amazing drum set. For years, Jason longed for a drum set, and when his grandparents finally got him one, he became a fanatical drummer. Predictably, education takes a back seat to the hours that Jason devotes to his drumming. A mediocre student, at best, Jason struggles to maintain the C average that allows him to play in the band. Thankfully, the other band members are willing and able to help bail him out whenever Jason's abysmal academic performance jeopardizes his membership in the band.


Junkroom Band Members: