Back-up Singer and Dancer

Gender: female
Ethnic Origin: African-American
Religious Affiliation: Islam
Personality: sparkly, friendly, everyone's best friend

Physical Description:
Size: tallest of the three girls
Shape: thin and willowy
Hair: straightened African hair combed back and held in place with a headband
Facial Features: attractive face with big brown eyes.
Body Language: confidant, extroverted
Grooming and Dress: beautifully coiffed and wears all of the latest street fashions and accessories (she is a slave to fashion)
General Physical Coordination: an adequate dancer

Because Lashan Franklin and Sugar have been inseparable best friends since kindergarten, Lashan's membership in the band was inevitable. Lashan's more stable family situation causes the two girls to spend the majority of time at Lashan's house. Lashan is a loyal friend who is completely content to bask in the reflected glow of Sugar's talent. She fully accepts the fact that, as long as Sugar and she are friends, she will never occupy center stage. While Sugar is the more talented of the two friends, Lashan is the smartest. Good grades come easy, and so does the respect and trust of the adults who surround Lashan.


Junkroom Band Members: