Mike on Lead Guitar, Jeff on Bass Guitar, and Mike as a Resident Song Writer

Gender: male
Ethnic Origin: Irish
Religious Affiliation: none
Personality: Mike is the strong, silent type while Jeff is more friendly and talkative.

Physical Description:
Size: Mike is the tallest of the four boys. Jeff is next to the tallest of the four boys
Shape: Mike has a strong, buff, muscular body, while Jeff has a bulky body that could be muscular if he worked out, but he does not.
Hair: blonde hair and blue eyes
Facial Features: Mike is ruggedly handsome, Jeff is cute.
Body Language: Mike is unattainable and inaccessible, while Jeff is more attainable and accessible.
Grooming and Dress: Mike is a little rumpled and wears plain jeans and tee-shirt/sweatshirt outfits; Jeff is better groomed and wears more in-style clothing
General Physical Coordination: Mike's coordination is more suited to contact sports, while Jeff's coordination is more suited to non-contact, individual sports.

Mike Parks and Jeff Parks are brothers. One Christmas, their favorite aunt and uncle gave Mike a lead guitar and Jeff a bass guitar. Instantly the two boys discovered that their instruments could provide a welcome escape from their alcoholic stepfather's abuse. So, on their own, they became accomplished musicians who play by ear and can duplicate the lead and base guitar parts of any music they hear. Both boys met Raj Kumar at the Community Center where their Karate classes take place. Mike, the overly driven, self-disciplined oldest boy in the family, has his black belt and teaches Karate at the Community Center. Jeff, the more laid-back second boy in the birth order, has his brown belt. The fact that his older brother has a higher Karate ranking neither concerns, nor inspires, Jeff. Indeed, opposite of his over-achieving brother, Jeff is quite content with mediocrity.


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