Originator of the Band, Keyboard Player, and Resident Song Writer

Gender: male
Ethnic Origin: Indian
Religious Affiliation: Hindu
Personality: responsible and motivated

Physical Description:
Size: the shortest of the four boys
Shape: thin and wiry
Hair: black, wavy and short
Facial Features: fine features
Body Language: intense and focused
Grooming and Dress: not into his looks
General Physical Coordination: not at all an athlete

The person in charge of sound for almost all of the Community Center presentations is Raj Kumar, a teenage, electronic wunderkind. In exchange for Raj's volunteer services, he is allowed to possess a master key to the Community Center and utilize the stage and/or studio whenever they are not in use. Raj's access to the stage and studio, as well his talent and passion as a DJ and for playing keyboards, led to the formulation of the Community Center Junk Room Band. Raj's innate intelligence, high level of competence, and rock-solid dependability, engenders fondness and respect from his peers as well as the adults who encounter him.


Junkroom Band Members: