Band Manager

Gender: female
Ethnic Origin: Jewish
Religious Affiliation: Judaism
Personality: take-no-prisoners go-getter

Physical Description:
Size: the shortest of the four girls
Shape: thin, but not well toned
Hair: thick black curly hair
Facial Features: plain face with brown eyes.
Body Language: confidant, strident, never-take-no-for-an-answer attitude
Grooming and Dress: well-groomed, tailored clothes
General Physical Co-ordination: non-athletic and not very coordinated

It didn't take long for Raj to figure out that trying to run the band while playing in it was too much for him to do. So he approached Sarah Levy, the high school prodigy who organizes many of the teen functions at the Community Center, about managing the band. Always on the prowl for new opportunities to expand her horizons, Sarah snatched up Raj's offer and jumped, head first, into the challenging job. In the beginning, the band members resisted Sarah's pushy, take-no-prisoners management style. However, in time, they became dependent on her innovative ideas and tireless efforts to move the band forward.


Junkroom Band Members: