Lead Singer

Gender: female
Ethnic Origin: African-American
Religious Affiliation: Pentecostal
Personality: kind, gracious, and humble (given her enormous talent)

Physical Description:
Size: next to the tallest of the four girls
Shape: voluptuous body
Hair: well groomed medium-length Afro
Facial Features: beautiful face with big brown eyes
Body Language: shy and introverted (except when on stage)
Grooming and Dress: well-groomed, wears current street fashions and accessories (mostly borrowed)
General Physical Coordination: rhythmic, musical, and sexy-befitting a bonafide female lead singer

Raj Kumar recruited Sugar Jackson to sing lead vocals in the band after seeing her perform during half time at a local high school basketball game. He was blown away by Sugar's amazing vocals and stage presence that she developed by singing in her church choir. Sugar is the second oldest of four children in a single-mother welfare family that lives on the other side of the tracks. Caught up in the struggle to survive, Sugar's mother and siblings overlook just how talented Sugar is-which explains why she lacks the inflated ego one would expect from an accomplished performer who is a young Hale Berry look-alike.


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