Back-up Singer, Dancer in charge of Choreography and Costumes and Resident Song Writer

Gender: female
Ethnic Origin: Mexican
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Personality: likable, but opinionated, and outspoken (humor is her safety net)

Physical Description:
Size: third tallest of the four girls
Shape: well-toned dancer's body
Hair: thick black long hair with the front part tied back into a ponytail
Facial Features: pretty face with big brown eyes
Body Language: confident and assertive
Grooming and Dress: well groomed and wears artistic outfits featuring a colorful combination of unique clothes
General Physical Coordination: a first rate, award winning dancer

Terrasita comes from a long line of world-class Latin dancers. She began taking dance when she was four and currently teaches dance at the Community Center. Terrasita is a high-energy, passionate person who has played key roles in organizing some of the most innovative dance recitals and performances in the community. Raj and Terrasita's joint efforts in various events led to their decision to start a band. While Terrasita was angry when Raj recruited Sugar without consulting her, she was eventually able to set aside the cruel slight and become the band's choreographer and costume designer. Terrasita is also an accomplished songwriter and insists on singing lead on her own songs.


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